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Corporate Email Solution & Web Mail Features

Enjoy a global address book

Allows you to maintain a global address book for your domain. It can be used by all email users on your domain name.

Safe in the clouds

All your mails are stored in the cloud, so you save the head aches and the costs of dedicated servers. The data can be retrieved quickly and conveniently on any business day.

Robust Storage and High Performance

The servers we deploy for you are meant to take 50 times the load they do. So that you can stop worrying about your website and emails, and focus on your business. We only deploy 150 to 200 websites or services on servers meant for deployment of 10000 websites and services.

Server Side Auto Backups

Allows you to have daily, weekly as well as monthly backups. That means, while you are being charged for just the mail space you are using, you get the space reserved for daily back ups, and the space reserved for weekly backups as well space reserved for monthly backups.

Drag and Drop attachments

Lets you simply drag files into your attachment area and then drop it. The file will now be an attachment to the mail you are composing.

Import your Google address book

Allows you to import your Google address book. We have made migration of your address book to our web mail convenient.

Search quicker and better

Quick search lets you to search for mails, by feeding the sender name, recipient, subject, as well as body. Advanced search lets you search the outbox, inbox, trash, as well as junk. You can feed keywords, arguments based on date & time, content and size of the message, as well as various flags .

Archive your mails

Allows you to archive mails. Prevent data loss and those anxious moments spent by you worrying about it. The rules can be set by you and are not predefined. You get to download the archived messages as a compressed file. You can also have a look at the mails of every account on the web mail once archiving is activated. Requires extra disk space, bandwidth usage and just a trouble ticket to the help desk team requesting setup.

Catch all emails

Allows all emails to be caught. Emails will not be lost because a username could not be identified or was misspelled. You will never miss an opportunities to grow.

Web Mail remembers all addresses

Every time you send a mail to an e mail address not belonging to your address book, it learns the new address and records it. The new address can now be used like it always belonged there.

Your own branding

You have worked hard making a brand out of a motif. We offer you a white labeled solution so you can brand it with your name and trademark. Use your name all over the web mail we are offering.

Reach the menu with one click

One click lets you switch between mails, address books, menu, and the option to logout. Conveniently placed at the top, in the right hand corner

User Friendly Interface

Lets you get work done quicker by being simpler to use. You can customize still further by changing its themes.

Group Mail

Lets you mail a group or a team without hassles. Just create a group that you can send mails to, and you are ready to go.

No loss of productivity

Our web mail never crashes, goes down or holds up your work. You will never have to wait to send important emails that need to be sent quickly, because, the software crashed.

As quick as your fingers

Lets you use keyboard short cuts for all the usual web mail activity. All you need to do is hit the key to perform your every day activities.

Login just once a day

Lets you stay logged in to your account far longer. You no longer have to worry about your work being interrupted.

Filter your mails better

Lets you place your own custom filters. Receive all your mails in folders set by you for specific email accounts, or groups.

Complete control over communications

Allows you comprehensive control over corporate communication. Your communications are bound by rules that only the administrator can set.

Communicate without limits.

Get your ideas across like never before by sending mails with pictures and links in them. Send mails upto 30 mbs in size, and attachments upto 25 mbs in size.

Compatible with email clients

Allows you to integrate your email client(MS Outlook) with itself. We have adapted our solution for you, so that you do not have to adapt to it.

Compatible with major browsers

Our web mail solution is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,and Apple Safari among others.

Identify problems quicker

Allows quicker diagnosis in case of spam by allowing easier access to full detailed email header. Exercise control over problems before they even present themselves.

Be notified quicker

Allows you to have your notifications on your desktop or in your browser. Your business is no longer tied down by the desktop. Receive notifications on devices running HTML5 compliant browsers.

No mass mails

No mass disruptions of the services your business needs to function. Your business will never be overwhelmed by a barrage of mails meant to choke up services and disrupt productivity. We do not allow mass mailing on our servers, minimizing the probability of our ips being blocked at anti -spam filters or RBLS ensuring smooth working of your email services.

Your own box

Your business is unique. Why should your needs not be? Allows you to set the size of your inbox the minimum being 10 MB. You can set the upper limit on your account as well (depends on the account quota).

Employee support

Your business is important to us. We prove that by offering you 24 hour email support serviced by our employees.

Auto Forward

Allows you to auto forward all your important emails into other accounts.